The future of your city, our greatest challenge.

Cities need to change in order to meet the climate challenge and make them more livable spaces. Micromobility is one of humanity’s best hopes for meeting this challenge, and best of all, it is available today.

Designed for climbing.

Our secure parking solutions are designed to solve the problem at scale. Since 2015, we have been offering solutions that adapt to the context of cities with a clear objective: to transform it.

We are experts.

Whether it is to promote the use of micro-mobility in your city, to comply with the legislation of low-emission zones or to take advantage of its cycling potential, we can accompany you. We are backed by more than 7 years of experience, our presence in more than 50 locations in Spain and abroad, the international recognition of our solutions and above all, our customers.

What do you need?

Starting a project of this type is not easy. There are always many questions: what type of infrastructure do I use? where do I deploy it? What should be the capacity of the secure parking network? What is the maintenance cost? Whether with our teams or with our network of experts, we want to help you.

Don Cicleto

We are a company specialized in the design, development and management of secure bicycle parking networks for cities. We have been operating since 2015, being the largest private operator in Spain specialized exclusively in secure bicycle parking networks.

Internationally awarded by the most prestigious entities in the world of micromobility.