About us

More bikes, better cities

Theft and lack of secure parking is one of the main problems that have slowed the progress of urban cycling in our cities. From the beginning, we set out to solve this through a smart infrastructure that could easily scale in our cities, so that we could positively impact the future of our cities and the people who live in them.

Our team

Our exceptional team redefines excellence by seamlessly uniting digital and physical product development. With unmatched expertise, we create innovative solutions that enhance the cycling experience. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing, we bring our visionary concepts to life with unparalleled craftsmanship. Recognized for our achievements, we are proud to earn the trust of cycling communities around the world.

Our history


  • Don Cicleto is born in the center of Madrid.
  • Bicity National Award: best project in Spain in the cycling sector.


  • Opening in Seville.
  • Company financed by ENISA.
  • National Lazarus Award from the Caja Rural Castilla la Mancha Foundation.


  • EMT & Madrid City Council National Award.
  • Opening in Zaragoza.


  • First 10,000 transactions.


  • IoT Activation Wayra Program (Telefónica).


  • Launching of the Bicihangar Rocket.
  • First 15 cities.
  • Launch of new APP.


  • Bicihangar TOP 10 Innovations of the bicycle industry (European Cyclist Federation & Cycling Industries Europe).
  • Opening in Italy.


  • Opening in Switzerland.
  • Nanohub development.
  • Winners of the Challenge MyCity Milan & Scale-uo Programme (EIT UM).


  • Opening in France and UK.
  • Awarded the largest tender to date in Spain with the public company ADIF.

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